Our Lady of Enxara Sanctuary

Campo Maior


Close to the lovely Ouguela small village, in the beautiful Campo Maior department, on the vast Alentejo region, the Nossa Senhora da Enxara Sanctuary is famous for its festivities that take place in the Holy Week, and is also connected to an ancient legend.

Every year, in Holy Thursday,t he image of Our Lady of Enxara is carried in a Procession starting from Ouguela Church until the Sanctuary located at a few kilometers distance, returning back to the Church on the Monday after Easter.

During this weekend, the Our Lady of Enxara receives a large number of visitants that celebrate their faith and devotion.

The Our Lady of Enxara Legend

Once a woman was washing some clothes on the river bank, in the company of her daughter that was playing. The girl stepped away while playing and shortly after returned with a golden earring, affirming that it was offered by a beautiful lady she met.
When they both got back to the same spot they saw the image of Our Lady over a round rock. 

As the population aknowledge what happened, decided to build a Chapel located in half way of the miracle spot, yet every morning the image disappeared and once again found in the original spot. Therefore, the population decided to build a Sanctuary to house the image of Our Lady of Enxara.

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