Nossa Senhora de Aires Sanctuary

Viana do Alentejo


This Baroque-Rococo architectural style Sanctuary is situated at about 1000 meters from Viana do Alentejo, and is quite famous for the festivities that every 4th weekend of September here take place.
The history of this Sanctuary dates back to the 16th century, in a small chapel surrounded by medieval lodgings, that as time went by got more famous, attracting more religious people, trading and sellers and visitors. Therefore, a new and bigger temple was built and inaugurated n 1760, in this profusely decorated architectural style.
The major attraction in the Sanctuary is the “Casa dos Milagres” (Miracle House) that presents thousands of ex-votos (a votive offering, given in fulfilment of a vow) throughout the walls of the room. This tradition dates back some centuries, to an image of the previous Saint (Nossa Senhora da Piedade), which is said that never let down its loyal and devoted believers.
The famous procession that takes place every year in September has an ancient tradition, and is nowadays part of a Fair with several festivities and animation, attracting many visitors.

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