Nossa Senhora dos Remédios Sanctuary

Lamego - Lamego


The Nossa Senhora dos Remédios Sanctuary, on Lamego, started to be built in 1750 to be finished in 1905, occupying the hill where since the 14th century was a chapel dedicated to Saint Esteban.

On the 16th century, this Chapel was almost in ruins and a new church construction was ordered by the town’s bishop, where the image of the virgin with the child on her lap was also placed.

With time, the devotion to Saint Esteban started decaying and the devotion to the virgin started growing, originating the strong devotion to Our Lady of Remedies.

This sanctuary, which main festivities take place on the 6th and 8th of September, has on the Temple’s façade several Baroque features, is surrounded by two bell towers.
In the interior the main altar houses the important image of Our Lady of Remedies, sculpted in wood, and three stained glass windows with images.
The lateral altars are dedicated to the Virgin’s parents, the walls are covered with glazed times with images of the virgin’s life.
The access stairway, with 686 steps, has several platforms where can be found the kings of Israel and on the stairway basis are four images representing the four seasons of the year.

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