São Francisco Convent

Angra do Heroísmo - Angra do Heroísmo


The São Francisco Convent houses nowadays the prestige Angra Museum, and is located on the historical centre of the wonderful town of Angra do Heroísmo, classified by UNESCO as World Heritage.

The present Temple was built around 1663, replacing the previous one, probably dated from 1474, as at that time a bigger space was needed, with more conditions, as the own town of Angra do Heroísmo was developing and enriching.

Inaugurated in 1672, the new Convent and the Nossa Senhora da Guia Church present austere lines, with two floors.
After the extinguish of the religious orders in 1834, the Monastery is used as an high school, and in 1969 the important Angra Museum is here installed.

The interior is quite rich, with beautiful glazed tiles panels, important paintings, several sculptures and jacaranda furniture. In the Church are the tombs of João Vaz Corte-Real, the discoverer of the Newfoundland, as well as other personalities that marked the history and life of the Terceira Island.

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