São Jorge ( Madeira )



São Jorge is a peaceful small village nearby Santana, on the northern coast of the wonderful Madeira Island, land of fertile soils and beautiful landscapes, part of it located right in the astonishing Laurissilva Forest, classified by UNESCO as World Natural Heritage.

The São Jorge region has a markedly rural feature, even though every time more modernized, with a good service offer and the clear Tourism development, not as visible as in the southern side of the Island.

During many centuries, São Jorge was an important trading emporium of the northern coast of the Madeira Island, yet the construction, on the 20th century, of a new road lead into the decline of the trading business.

São Jorge is proud of its Baroque Mother Church dated from 1761, built on the place where an ancient Chapel was built in the 15th century, and that probably named the village.

Land of vivid traditions, throughout the region are produced the freshest products of the earth, as well as interesting handicraft pieces and objects. In fact, São Jorge presents a very own musical instrument: the “Bexigoncelo”, that consists on a stick where in one of the extremities is inserted a pig’s bladder; the unique string is made of gut. This typical instrument sounds a bit similar to an acoustic bass.

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