São Pedro de Sintra



São Pedro de Sintra or São Pedro de Penaferrim is a lovely village next to Sintra, situated right in the slope of the luxuriant Sintra Mountain range.

São Pedro is nowadays famous for its commerce, mainly of antiques, and by the proximity with the historical centre of Sintra, classified as World’s Cultural Heritage y UNESCO.

In São Pedro are located several historical places of great beauty such as the wonderful Pena Park, where is situated the 19th century Romantic National Pena Palace, or the Chapels of São Lázaro and Santa Eufémia, the wonderful Lagoa Azul (Blue Pond), several amazing properties such as the Ramalhão, the D. Dinis or the Penha Longa Estates, the Cipestre Manor House or even the soaring Mouros Castle.

The village is also proud of its Parish Church of São Pedro, and one of the first Portuguese Parishes, along with three other that the first Portuguese king, D. Afonso Henriques, built in Sintra, after the conquest of the village from the Moors, in 1147.

Quite famous is the São Pedro Fair, that takes place every second and fourth Sundays of each month in the D. Fernando the 2nd Square. This is a fair which origins date back to the 12th century and where a bit of everything can be found.



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