São Romão



São Romão is a small village nearby Seia, in the immense Estrela Mountain Range, located in the Central Region of the Country, surrounded by astonishing natural landscapes, where the River Cobrão is born.

The village has quite ancient origins, as it is visible in the vestiges of the Castro, a Hill Fort that would have from where the village would have developed from, and also the “Buraco da Moira” an archaeological place which human occupancy dates back to the Cooper Age (about 1200 b.C.).

The textile industry, namely in wool products, was for many years the main activity of the population, along with agriculture. Nowadays it is one of the major productions of the famous and much appreciated Serra Estrela Cheese.

São Romão has an interesting heritage, with its Mother Church, the Santo Cristo Chapel, the Nossa Senhora do Desterro Sanctuary and the interesting Religious Art Museum.

The surrounding landscape is of great beauty, as one can attest in the top of Senhor do Calvário and Moita, with a breath taking view, or in the Senhora do Desterro, right in the lovely Alva river banks, where the Electricity National Museum is situated, and is also located the pleasant Fluvial Beach.

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