São Vicente

São Vicente


São Vicente is a lovely village located on the northern coast of the amazing Madeira Island, land of beautiful landscapes and a picturesque historical centre.

Located on a place of great natural beauty, on a valley surrounded by high slopes of maritime calcareous intercalation. São Vicente charms for its beauty and peace of mind, with the highlight of its wonderful set of Grottos, resulting from lava channels.

São Vicente has much more to offer, with its lovely architectonic heritage, with monuments such as the Mother Church, the Calhau, Nossa Senhora do Rosário and Nossa Senhora do Livramento Chapels.
The Natural Grottos and the Volcanism Centre allow a wider and better acquaintance of the Madeira Island charm, namely this northern coast. This region presents several places of great natural interest, such as the nearby Encumeada with paradisiacal spots.

In the heart of the village is situated the wonderful Indigene Plants Garden, in an area of about 2.200m2, showing off proudly the amazing variety and richness of the botanical heritage of this Island.

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