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Built in the 12th century, on a Romanesque style, the Cathedral has been altered all over the centuries, specially in the Gothic period and in the 18th century.
The lantern tower dates from the 16th century and the big rosette window dates from the 14th century.
The major transformation works, in a total of 41, were made in the period of 1717 to 1736.
The main Chapel was built in the 17th century, in a classical style, yet the altarpiece is Baroque, dating from 1727.
The façade’s Portal presents a Rococo style and the splendorous Baroque Galile was conceived by the renowned Nicolau Nasoni in 1736.
The interior Chapels are also dated from different epochs, with the highlight on the Santíssimo Chapel, a precious work of Oporto’s jewellery from the 16th century.
There are two Cloisters in the Cathedral, the Ancient Closter and the Gothic Cloister.
The Cabido House was built next to the Cathedral on the 16th century. In this House the canon meet in order to observe and discuss the government of the prelates.

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