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The Funchal Cathedral is a lovely monument situated in the historical centre of the Madeira’s Archipelago capital, being the most emblematic work of the Manueline period in the Island.

The project and construction works started back in 1493, and were concluded in 1514, over the orders of Pero Annes and Gil Enes, in a characteristic work of the late gothic style, combining the local materials with ancient and modern knowledge.
The Cathedral is composed by several chapels dated from distinct periods: the Nossa Senhora dos Varadouros (19th century), the Nossa Senhora de Lourdes (18th and 20th centuries), the Laterals (17th to the 19th century), as well as the Main Altar dated from the 16th century, the Santíssimo Altar (18th century), the Santo António Altar (17th century), the Baptismal Font from the 16th century, the Sacristy (18th century) and Santíssimo Confraternity dated from te 18th century.

The plan of the Cathedral is on latin cross with three naves echeloned, with a salient transept, and wooden ceiling, in some places with a luxuriant mudejar style, considered to be one of the most important in Portuguese territory.
Its lovely Bell Tower highlights from the exterior set, for its majesty and beauty, finished between 1517 and 1518.
The Cathedral presents a rich interior with several statues and paintings, and lovely decorative motives, with typical Madeira’s life scenes.

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