Seia is a mountain side town, situated in the Central region of the Countru, known for being one of the entrances into the magnificent Estrela Mountain Natural Park. Located in the region is the highest point in Continental Portugal: the “Torre” at abut 1993 meters high.

Seia has vestiges of very ancient human occupancy. Many studies point out that Seia was already a settlement 2400 years back by the Turduli, yet many other people and cultures inhabited the region like Romans and Moors. In 1055 Fernando Magno conquered the Castle, that was very important during the problematic fights between Moors and Christians, and Portugal and Spain.

Seia is surrounded by a wonderful natural landscape, in the top of the famous Estrela Mountain Range, known for its crescent Tourism development, namely for its ski tracks, providing great conditions for the practice of winter sports, supported by several Tourist facilities.

Beyond all the Estrela mountain magic, Seia presents as well a lovely heritage, with highlights like the Mother Church and the Misericórdia Church from the 18th century, the Santo Cristo do Calvário (16th century), the Espinheiro, the Nossa Senhora de LaSalete and the São Pedro Chapels, as well as the town’s Pillory and the many Manor Houses present throughout the region, symbol of the richness that the agriculture, the high quality pasture lands and the traditional textile industries have provide to this region, with amazing buildings and sets like the Solar Botelhos, the Solar Santa Rita and the 18th century Casa das Obras, where nowadays is located the town hall.

Seia is nowadays a developed town, yet proud of its ancient traditions, where one can find the most diversified Gastronomy specialities, hand made objects using local products, like basketry, textile, wool, and the much appreciated Estrela Cheese, or the quality honey and the renowned sausages and smoked ham.

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