Gardunha Mountain Range



The Gardunha Mountain Range is located beyond the Estrela Mountain Range, in the Central region of Portugal, with its peak (“Pirâmide”) at about 1224 meters high, mainly dominated by Granite rocks.
Once the mountain’s slops were covered by dense woods of chestnut, oak and pine trees, planted in the time of the Portuguese king D. Dinis. Previously, the territory was filled with vineyards.
Tree pleasant shadows and the abundance of water courses are the main characteristics of this charming mountain, although unfortunately, due to man's negligence, violent fires have been destroying a significant number of trees, although some areas are being reforested.
This region is the capital for cherry production in Portugal, mainly in the Alcongosta and Souto da Casa villages.
Throughout the mountain there are many natural viewpoints, from where it is possible to observe the Cova da Beira and the Estrela Mountain Range, Covilhã and Belmonte, and plain terrains in the Castelo Branco area, or other lovely villages like Penamacor and Idanha-a-Nova.
This area also presents excellent conditions for the practice of Paragliding activities.



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