Açor Mountain



The wonderful Açor Mountain is situated in between the Estrela and the Lousã Mountain ranges, in an area where schist rocks are predominant, classified as “Açor Mountain Protected Landscape”.

The landscape is absolutely wonderful, with nature in its almost pure state, and a copious vegetation, here one can come across chestnut trees, bay laurel trees, strawberry trees, hazelnut trees, rosemary, fabaceae, wood waxen or calluna, among many other species that can easily be found in this mountain, like the boar, the salamandra rabilarga or the water lizard.

The impressive Mata da Margaça is one of the most interesting places in the Mountain, with many important species, classified as a Biologic Genetic Reserve.

High above its around 1350 meters, the mountain in characterized by its schist terraces, where the agricultural subsistence has been maintained since remote periods, helped by the many water courses that are present in the region, like the gorgeous Alva River.

The waterfall of Água da Fraga da Pena, the immense blue pond of the Santa Luzia Dam and the many small typical villages with rural houses built in stone, down is deep valleys, where time seems to have stopped and, mostly, all the astonishing beauty of the landscape are the main highlights of the Açor Mountain.

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