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Serreta is a lovely rural village situated on the bucolic western coast of the wonderful Terceira Island, on the greenish Azores Archipelago, nearby the beautiful volcanic mountain range of Santa Bárbara.

This is a place of great natural interest, with highlights such as the Ponta do Queimado and its lighthouse, the Serreta Viewpoint, the Serreta Peak, the Serreta Forest, the Biscoito da Fajã or the Lagoinha.

This was always a place with difficult harvest, due to the soil covering with puming. It as also been a place that has suffered with several natural catastrophes, such as the maritime eruption in 1867 or the big earthquake of 1980, among others, which led to the populations abandon and weak development of the localities for some years, nowadays quite improved.

Serreta is famous for the big Pilgrimage of Our lady of Miracles that takes place every second Sunday of September, attracting around 10 thousand visitors, with its highlights on the Procession and on the Bullfight in the Pico da Serreta Square.

Serreta is proud of its heritage with monuments such as the Our Lady of Miracles Church inaugurated in 1907, the many fountains throughout the village or even the lovely building of the Holy Spirit Fraternity Empire.

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