Taguspark - Science and Technology Park

Porto Salvo / Oeiras - Oeiras


Situated in the Oeiras department, quite close to the Sintra, Amadora, Cascais and Lisboa departments, in the greater Lisboa region, the Science and Technology Park TagusPark is considered to be one of the main technological nucleus in Europe, for its concept, technology and innovation.

Integrating knowledge and scientific and technological innovation and different business concepts, TagusPark houses the most diversified type of business, universities, environment, new projects and ideas, scientific research, and new skills in the business world.

The Park’s concept comprises a construction integrated in the needs, with quality certification, and also green areas, sport practicing conditions, cultural services, a meetings centre, restaurants, leisure areas, transport net and school for children and youngsters.
Taguspark still comprises an Auditorium with 300 seats and six translation cabins, an Art and Exhibitions Gallery with 2.000 square meters and a set of eight meeting rooms, with a capacity among 8 and 50 seats, ensuring the perfect complement for the Meeting Centre.



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