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Terena, also known as São Pedro or São Pedro de Terena, is a lovely small village located in the vast Alentejo region, in an area of quietness and peace of mind, close to the river and lagoon of Lucifécit Dam, and nearby the border with Spain.

The origins of Terena are quite remote, with several megalithic vestiges from pre-historic epochs throughout the region, like the schist Anta do Lucas.
During the Middle Age, this village had an important defensive role, as its Castle still proves, integrating the Guadiana river defensive line.

The peaceful streets of Terena are characterized by its lovely typical Alentejo’s architecture, with small rural houses, with coloured brand, and proud on its heritage, as it is visible in the ancient Castle, on the Nossa Senhora da Boa Nova Sanctuary, on the Mother Church of São Pedro, which foundation was somewhere before the 14th century, or the lovely 16th century Misericórdia Church, the 17th century Santo António Chapel, or the São Sebastião and Nossa Senhora da Conceição da Fonte Santa Chapels or even by the ruins of the old Santa Clara temple.
Also quite interesting, is the village’s Pillory from the 16th century, the Watch tower, the ruins of the fortified Endovélico settlement and its sanctuary, and also the ruins of the Castelo Velho hill fort.
Besides all this wonderful heritage, the cultural and popular festivities are also very cherished, like the Nossa Senhora da Boa Nova Festivities, that take place every Easter’s Sunday and Monday, with a very famous Procession.
Also, on the first Sunday of each month, in the village park, an interesting Antiques Fair is held.

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