Termas dos Cucos

Torres Vedras


The Termas dos Cucos are located on the outskirts of Torres Vedras, 2 Kms from the city.

The use of water and muds of Cucos began in 1746, however, only in 1866 was appointed a Commission to carry out preliminary studies on the Kingdom's Mineral Waters and where were the sources of the Cuco.

Two decades later the first train line in the West comes to Torres Vedras and the spa complex starts to be built.

It stands as a memory of a time when Hydrotherapy was big a bit all over Europe.

Although currently closed, to visit them is to travel in time back to 1893, the opening year of the architectural ensemble consisting of the Spa, "Buvette" Hotel, "Challets" and Casino.

The environment is dominated by the play of light that creeps between columns, balconies and is reflected in the lake in the garden, among palm trees and the surroundig woods.

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