Terras de Bouro

Terras de Bouro


Terras de Bouro is a lovely village, the most rural one in Braga district, situated on the northern region, on the greenish Minho, a place of fertile soils and great natural beauty, in the heart of the astonishing Peneda-Gerês National Park.

This is a region inhabited by Men since pre-historical times, rich in archaeological testimonies, like the ones that denote the Roman, Suebi, Visigothic and Moorish occupancy of the territory.
One of the main archaeological treasure in the region in the important Roman Road that linked Braga to Astorga, one of the most important in the Iberian territory, used also in the Middle Ages as one of the pilgrimage roads to Santiago de Compostela, where one can find over 30 Roman milestones.

Terras de Bouro presents a charming architectonic heritage, marked by the local materials and by the rural mountainside landscape, that has been maintained all over the centuries, where it is still possible to find the most traditional buildings and pagan monuments.

Throughout the region are several small and rural villages, that seem to be somehow magically stopped in time, where tradition still reigns on and the hearth offers its best to those who treat it well.
In the village it is worth knowing the Nossa Senhora da Abadia Church and the ancient Benedictine Monastery, or let yourself get delighted by the handicraft tradition, with pieces in linen, wool, ceramics, basketry or wood.



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