Tondela is a lovely town located on the amazing Dão-Lafões northern region, surrounded by the beautiful landscapes of the Caramulo Mountain.

This is a region that has been able to maintain its strong traditions, distinctly rural, where agriculture still influences the lifestyle of the populations, mainly due to the prosperous winegrowing activity, in the heart of the amazing Demarked Region of the Dão Wine.

This is probably a very ancient locality with human occupancy vestiges since pre-historical times, with megalithic monuments, rupestrian paintings, hill forts and many other archaeological legacies. Historical testimonies such as the Caparrosa Menhir, the São Miguel do Outeiro, the Molelos and the Molelinhos ancient Paintings, the Nandufe Hill Fort or even the Lageosa Dolmen, constitute a wonderful heritage of great interest in the Tondela region.

The town also presents a diversified historical and architectonic heritage, with several Manor Houses and Palaces that denote the agricultural importance of the region, such as the Santa Ana Manor House, as well as beautiful monuments such as the lovely 19th century Mother Church, the Carmo Church with origins in the 17th century, the mythic Tondela Pillory located in front of the Town Hall building that offers lovely glazed tiles panels, or even the emblematic Mermaid Fountain dated from the 18th century, that symbolizes the Tondela Legend.

Land of strong traditions, Tondela is also well known for its delicious typical cuisine, and also for its handicraft, with items in cooper, linen, basketry and the famous objects made in dark clay.

The Tondela’s Legend
It is said that in long gone times, when the land suffered many enemy attacks, a women named as Maria da Fonte guarded the locality, watching the surroundings. When she sighted enemy troops, she played a trompet, gathering with the sound all the inhabitants in order to defend and protect the locality. The visitors all gathered at her tone (“ao tom dela”), which derived in the name of the town Tondela.



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