Torrão de Marco de Canaveses

Marco de Canaveses


Torrão is a picturesque small village in the Marco de Canaveses department, on the northern region of the Country, situated in a place of great natural beauty, in the confluence of the Douro and Tâmega rivers.

This is a region of ancient human occupancy, with many archaeological vestiges, some of them denoting that Torrão would have been a Roman settlement.
The region has fertile soils that have conferred a great agricultural production throughout the centuries. The village constructions are built mainly with the region’s natural materials.

Taking advantage of the amazing Tâmega river, the Torrão Dam is one of the region’s greatest attributes, providing idyllic landscapes of great beauty and peace of mind, with great conditions for the practice of the most diversified sport, leisure and tourism activities.

The village, filled with tradition and peace of mind, is proud of its lovely Santa Clara Church and of the three bridges that cross Tâmega and Douro rivers.

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