Torre de Vilar

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Tower of Vilar

The Tower of Vilar, more than a military construction, is a symbol of the power the elite held over the territory and is therefore an important example of the domus fortis [fortified stately home] in the area of Tâmega and Sousa. It was probably built between the second half of the 13th century and the early 14th century, although the earliest mention of the Tower dates back to the 15th century. According to the Inquirições [administrative enquiries] of 1258, the “Sancte Marie de Vilar” was an “Honra” [territory] belonging to the family of D. Gil Martins of the Ribavizela family. With a rectangular floor plan, the Tower of Vilar stands on a granite outcrop that crowns a small hill. It was built in excellent granite and demonstrates several initials of masons. The façades present several interstices and there are still several corbels [salient stones] supporting the floors.  The top floor would have been the chemin de ronde [surveillance point], with battlements and merlons crowning the Tower’s parapet. Work carried out as part of the Route of the Romanesque project has helped rebuild the ruins of the Tower of Vilar.

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