Bugio Tower or São Lourenço da Cabeça Seca Fortress

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Classified as a building of public interest, this is one of the most curious constructions of maritime defense, not only for its architecture but also because of where it is situated. Bugio is a true sentry guard of the entrance in the Tagus estuary.
A primary wooden fortification was erected here under a short period of Spanish rule, that was little more than a base of wood for some pieces of artillery. In 1593, under the direction of Friar João Vicêncio Casale, the construction of the “real” fortitude started.
The central tower has a lighthouse, although the date it was constructed is unknown, however studies verify that this lighthouse was modernized in 1836.
The Bugio Tower constitutes an excellent example of a round Renaissance fortress The Tower integrates a chapel with marble interiors and walls and roofs lined the wood.
Recently this construction was threatened, due to the sea erosion on its rocky support. After some administrative difficulties, some restoration and repair works were done.

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