Torre do Castelo de Aguiar de Sousa

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Tower of the Castle of Aguiar de Sousa

The ancient Castle of Aguiar de Sousa stood surrounded by high hills that made it difficult to see and harder to access. The Castle played a part in the defensive network of the territory, which was much coveted by Asturian kings in the 9th and 10th centuries. Christian chronicles at the time of the Reconquest refer to the siege of the Castle in 995 by the Moorish general Almanzor during his incursions into Santiago de Compostela. The Castle was the seat of a “Terra” in the administrative reorganization process of the territory which occurred throughout the 11th century and an important "Julgado" in the 13th century. The Tower of the Castle of Aguiar de Sousa is square in structure and off-centre in relation to the traces of the wall’s outline. The Tower probably was not there in the 12th century, though it would have been very common in the Medieval Age to have a watchtower inside the upper fortified fencing. The Castle of Aguiar de Sousa would have been abandoned by the end of the 13th century. The implementation of the Route of the Romanesque project has led to vast renovation and preservation of the monument.

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