Torre - Estrela's Mountain



Torre is situated on the top of the immense Estrela Mountain, nearby Seia, and is the symbol of the Portugal’s second higher point at about 1993 meters high, and the highest in Continental Portugal. The highest point in Portugal is situated in an Island: the Açores.

It is said that king John the 6th (1816 - 1826) had already ordered the construction of a stone monument in order to complete the Estrela Mountain high, rising up to 2000 meters high.

In the centre of a roundabout is situated the symbolic monument of the “Torre” (Tower), and also a geodesic mark that indicates the highest point of this Mountain.

From this wide viewpoint one has an astonishing panorama over the landscape of valleys and mounts in a region of schist and granite, with several water courses.

The Torre is famous for its snow during winter months, nearby the great sky complex, attracting a large number of visitors, and during Summer months in bright days it is even possible to observe the distant ocean.
In fact the lower temperatures of Portugal are registered here, sometimes getting -20ºC in winter time.

Here there are available several facilities such as restaurants and cafeteria, toilets and shops offering the regional products of Estrela Mountain such as the much famous Estrela’s Cheese, woollen articles, honey, bread, among many other products.

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