Unhais da Serra



Unhais da Serra is a lovely mountain side village, situated in a granite valley with a glacier origin of the wide Estrela Mountain, at about 750 meters high.

All the surrounding area is of great beauty, and here runs the lovely Unhais river, a result of the confluence of the Estrela and Alforfa rivers.

Unhais da Serra presents several vestiges of human occupancy since pre-historical times.
From early times, the population is dedicated to the Shepherding and agriculture, and due to the good conditions that the water strength offered to the exploitation of hydraulic mechanisms, the textile industry became quite important since early times.

In Unhais da Serra is worth to know the Santo Aleixo Church, the Nossa Senhora de Fátima and Nossa Senhora da Saúde Chapels, the ancient stone bridge (often named as “roman bridge”), the village’s Pillory and lots of the many fountains present throughout the region, as a symbol of the many watercourses that are abundant here.

Quite famous is the Thermal and Climatic Spa situated on the northern side of the village, with waters at the average temperature of 37ºC, indicated for therapeutic treatments for breathing and circulatory problems, as well as rheumatism and skin diseases.

The Legend of Unhais da Serra
One day, a Noble youngster lost in the mountain while hunting. After spending many time lost, and getting really exhausted and hungry, he arrived to a spot nearby Unhais da Serra. Here, he found a shepherd that realised he was starving and fed him with the milk of his sheep and with his big nails (“unhas”) fished some trout for the youngster. The noble, amazed by the facility that the shepherd caught the trout, named the spot as “Unhas da Serra” (“Nails of the Mountain”).

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