Valhelhas is a small village on the Guarda department, situated in a beautiful valley, by the left bank of the wide Zêzere river, and by the right bank of the Famalicão river, surrounded by a mountain side landscape with a fertile vegetation.

Valhelhas has ancient origins, with vestiges of many different civilizations and cultures, such as Lusitanians, Cents, Carthaginians, Romans, Barbarians, Alans, Visigoths and Moors.
During the Middle Age, Valhelhas was donated to the Order of the Temple and to its friars, and later to the Order of Christ.

The peaceful streets of Valhelhas house an important heritage, like what is left of the village’s walls and the Castle of Roman origins, or the ancient Lusitanian Hill Fort, quite destroyed during the Moorish occupancy of the territory, the 1555 Pillory situated right in front of the old Town Hall and Jail building, the Mother Church of Santa Maria Maior, the Old Bridge over the River Z~ezere, the Divino Corpo Chapel (1503), the Santo Antão or São Sebastião Chapel (1577) and the many Roman vestiges present throughout the region that have resisted the passage of time, or were adequate to the local population lifestyle.

In the region there are several lovely Manor Houses, attesting the importance of agriculture in this mountain side area.

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