Valverde ( Azores )

Ilha de Santa Maria - Vila do Porto


Valverde is a picturesque small village from the amazing Santa Maria Island, on the greenish Azores Archipelago.

This is a place of great peace of mind and rural beauty, marked by the fertility of the soils and famous for the Legend of the Enchanted Maid of the Santa Maria Island.
It is said that once, next to the streamlet where women washed the clothes, a washer-woman by the sunset heard the grumble of a lady that was crying and moaning. Following the grumble, the washer-woman found a very beautiful maid, almost looking like an angel, in white vestures. Worried, the washer-woman asked what was wrong with such beautiful maid. The maid explained that she was cast under a spell, and that she was only able to appear in that same place every seven years, at sunset, hoping to find a youngster who wanted to date her, in order to break that spell. The maid then disappeared in the darkness.
The washer-woman soon told on the village what happened. Seven years passed, in Valverde, at sunset, all the boys set on the streamlet banks, waiting for the beautiful maid, in order to break her spell. Yet, she was never again saw. What was left was the amazing landscape and the belief that once the most beautiful woman in the world stand on this bank.

In Valverde is also located the beautiful Valverde Forest and Leisure Reserve, occupying an area of circa 4 hectares, where several species of flora and fauna inhabit.
The Reserve offers several pedestrian tours, a snack park, a children’s park, toilets and pleasant viewpoint.

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