Vaqueiros is a lovely small village situated nearby Alcoutim, in the heart of the beautiful Caldeirão Mountain, a place of great natural beauty, in between the Foupana and Odeleite streamlets, showing off an “other” Algarve, filled with charisma and beauty, distant from the tourist beaches of golden sand, yet filled with beauty, tradition and rural heritage.

The village is situated in a gracious valley and is characterized by its charming set of white houses filled with history.
In fact in here inhabited Romans, as it is observable in the mining exploitation of Mina Cova dos Mouros. Also Moors inhabited and quite influenced the region.
This was for some centuries an important mining region, with four important cooper mines: Alcaria Queimada, Pedras de Galinhas, Serras de Fora Merenda and Cova dos Mouros.

Vaqueiros proudly presents the 17th century São Bento Parish Church, in Alcaria Queimada, a place with ancient Procession tradition. Quite interesting is its rural museum, dedicated to the rural world, presenting a typical house and all the agricultural activity that here has been maintained throughout the centuries.

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