Vila Cova de Alva



Vila Cova de Alva is a beautiful mountain side village, nearby Arganil, in the Central region of the Country, on the bank of the crystalline river Alva, by the greenish Açor mountain.

This is a place of peace of mind, with the landscape characterized by the astonishing river Alva and its rural features, like watermills and fertile soils.

The fertile soils of the region eased throughout the centuries a great agricultural and economical development, as it is still visible in the ancient town hall and prison building, the “Casa da Praça” dated from the 17th century, and other Manor Houses present in the region, like the Solar Abreu Mesquita from the 19th century or the Solar dos Condes da Guarda.

Vila Cova de Alva is proud if its rich Heritage, namely its Parish Church, built in 1712, built over an ancient temple, and the Mother Church, the Misericórdia Church and the Church of the Santo António Convent. This Convent is nowadays a private property, yet the church is opened to the public, and is one of the most important building of the region, which construction was initiated 1713.
The village presents other important monuments, like the Manueline Pillory from the 16th century, the granite bridge from the 18th century and the São João do Alqueidão Chapel or the lovely São Sebastião Fountain.



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