Vila Nova da Baronia



Vila Nova da Baronia is a lovely small village nearby Alvito, in the heart of the wide plain Alentejo’s region, situated in between two creeks that form the Sobrena river in a region of great natural beauty.

Vila Nova da Baronia is an ancient settlement, with several Roman occupancy and previous periods archaeological vestiges.
Right until 1708 the village was known as “ Vila Nova de Alvito”, changing its name thereafter for being property of the Alvito’s Baron (“Baronia”).

This peaceful small village presents an interesting and proud heritage with monuments such as the Mother Church; the Chapels of Santa Águeda, Nossa Senhora da Graça, Santo António or the São Pedro Chapel; the lovely Misericórdia Church; the Roman Bridge; the Pillory in the village Central República Square; or the charming old Town Hall (“Paços do Concelho”), a symbol of prosperous times when the administrative power of Vila Nova da Baronia was stronger.

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