Tourega's Roman Villa



The Roman Villa of Tourega is situated in the lovely small village of Nossa Senhora da Tourega, in the Évora’s historic department, in the heart of the vast Alentejo region.

This is a region of ancient human occupancy, with several important megalithic monuments in the environs, and here was situated an important Roman Villa, with a wide thermal complex, occupied since the 1st century right until the end of the 4th century after Christ era.

This Villa was situated in the much important Roman territory of Ebora Liberalitas Julia (Évora region), by the road to Salacia (Alcácer do Sal) and belonged to influent people of that time.

In the 4th century the villa occupied an area of about 500 m2, with double Public baths, for both men and women, with rooms and tanks for cold and warm baths. Nowadays there are three bath tanks visible, with a rectangular plant, the larger one with 24,5 metres long over 4,6 meters width.

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