Chapel of St. Francis Xavier


Built in 1928, this church follows the baroque style of the main churches in Macau. It has a yellow and white facade with oval windows and a bell tower, lying behind the monument commemorating the victory over the Pirates in 1910.

The chapel contains some of the most sacred relics of Christian Asia.
idsso is an example, a silver shrine which is a bone in the arm of St. Francis Xavier, who accompanied her missionary work in Japan, and came to the coast of China, where he died in 1552 on the island of Sanchuan, 50 miles from Macau.
The relic was destined for Japan but religious persecution there persuaded the church to keep it in Macau at St. Paul, tended first been transferred to San Jose in 1978 and to this chapel.

The persecution of Christians in Japan, 26 foreign and Japanese Catholic priests being crucified in Nagasaki in 1597 and many hundreds of Japanese Christians killed during the rebellion of Shimabara 1637.
The bones of martyrs and some of the rebels were brought to Macau and kept in the church of S. Paul.
After a fire destroyed the church, the bones were collected and taken to the Cathedral. They were transferred to the church of St. Francis Xavier in 1974. Other bones are kept in the chapel relics of martyrs in the 17th century Vietnamne.

Some years ago, the relic was taken to St. Joseph Seminary and the Sacred Art Museum, but many people still come to this Chapel, Christians, especially Japanese.

Although residents call themselves this church as a chapel, let this not be a church, since that is not dependent on a larger church and is not linked to any other entity.
However this difference is due to the fact that there is another church on the island also dedicated to St. Francis Xavier. In any case, most Catholics do not care much about the different utlização terms "church" and "chapel" to rate this beautiful place of worship.




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