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Grand Lapa Macau, formerly known as Mandarin Oriental, belongs to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group (MOHG), is the only luxury resort in central Macau, which offers a relaxing getaway in the heart of the city.

The artistic contribution of Portugal is a vital part of the heritage of Macau, which can be seen in the 17th-century forts, churches from the 18th century and 19th century mansions. Today this tradition flourishes at Grand Lapa, Macau.
Grand Lapa's name originates from the name of Lapa in Lisbon, Portugal.
From the top of one of the many hills of Lisbon, Lapa commands a panoramic view over the Tagus River (Tejo), and is home to the palatial mansions of many socialites and celebrities from Portugal.
The lobby of the Grand Lapa, Macau reflects the harmony of oriental and colonial influences that define Macau and its culture.
The Chinese craftsmanship combines with a Portuguese style to create a unique Macanese opulent and cozy at the same time.
From the imposing wooden staircase to the Baroque arches on the reception area, the thriving sub-tropical vegetation, the lobby of Grand Lapa lets guests no doubt that reached one of the best hotels, in one of the most historically significant areas of Asia.
The great treasure of the hotel greets all visitors on arrival. Standing on the grand staircase of marble in the palatial lobby is a replica of a Portuguese national treasure, the magnificent window in the chapel of the Convent of Christ in Tomar.
The original, carved in stone in 1510, is a masterpiece of Manueline art and also a symbol of Portugal's great "Age of Exploration".
The replica is four meters high, two meters wide and weighs 400 kg.
It is one third the size of the original image and a shell made of special resists moisture and heat.
The first of its kind, the replica was carved by a team of artists at the famous Ricardo Espirito Santo Foundation of Lisbon. It took 3650 hours to recreate the carvings, representing faith and experience of the Portuguese pioneers in their sea voyages.
Ideally located near the Macau Ferry Terminal, Hong and Macau International Airport, Macau Grand Lapa offers superior facilities for business and leisure travelers.
Spread across 15 square meters, in addition to 416 rooms hotel has three restaurants and a bar with international cuisine as well as Asian delicacies, world class spa, fitness facilities, supervised children's center and a rock 10 meters tower climbing.




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