Lin Zexu Memorial Museum of Macau


This small museum is located near the Lin Fong Temple and commemorates the visit of the imperial commissioner Lin Zexu Macau to September 3, 1839 (during the reign of Emperor Dao Guang).

Lin Zexu lived from 1785 to 1850. The purpose of the visit to Macau was to ensure both the ban on opium trade in the territory administered by the Portuguese authorities and the Portuguese neutrality in the differences that pitted Britain to China, which led to the Opium War.

Such was the desperation of the British to compensate for the imbalance of the tea trade, they were determined to go as far as possible in order to keep the business, even if it passed by committing some illegalities.

In 1839, Lin Zexu, wrote an open letter to Queen Victoria urging her to act "in accordance with decent feeling" and end the opium trade, however this letter was never delivered to the queen, despite the fact that more late have been published in The Times, revealing himself to be "too late" to stop the next Opium War.

This war resulted in the opening of a number of Chinese ports to international trade and the transfer of the island of Hong Kong to the British.

This museum has a photographic exhibition that witnesses this period of high tension in the history of China.

Other exhibits include replicas of vessels, instruments of opium smoking and calligraphy.

Hours of Operation:

9:00 to 05:00 (Closed on Mondays)

MOP $ 5.00
under 8 and over 65: MOP $ 3.00.




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