Kuan Tai Temple, Sam Kai Vui Kun


This temple Kuan Tai is also called Sam Kai Vui Kun, literally means'' a community hall for three streets''. was built in 1750 and is located near the area of the old Chinese Bazaar, which today serves as Mercado de São Domingos, still keeping the essence of the original function of the area.

In 2005, it was inscribed on UNESCO World Heritage list since it is part of the Historic Centre of Macau.

It is mainly dedicated to the God of War (Kuan Tai), Tai Sui, Wealth God, King of the Land of the Treasury, the Great General Luma and The Grand Marshal Gong Ming.

The location of this building in the center of the Chinese city's main square with its predominantly western-style architecture, illustrates the harmonious coexistence of the two cultures.
It was built with a roof Xieshanding style (Nine-Roof Ridge) covered with tiles.
The layout of the rooms is similar to that found in the Jin Dynasty (265-420) with a gate mountain, three rooms in a north-south axis, and side rooms each lado.Este temple is directly associated with the longstanding Chinese business associations, precursors for the Chamber of Commerce in China town.

Vui Kun Kun Sai gets particularly busy, when local people celebrate the Feast of the Drunken Dragon and the Feast of Guan Yu.




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