Pou Tai Un Monastary and Temple


Pou Tai Un on Taipa Island is one of the temples most gifted and most picturesque Macau.
Mainly dedicated to Gautama Buddha, the sixth and last patriarch of Chan Buddhism, Avalokitesvara and Trikaya. It was founded in the 19th century by Buddhist monks and Chamber prayers original, which contains images of three precious Buddhas.

Since then, both the monastery and temple have been expanded and enriched by the devotees.
There are new pavilions with yellow tile on the roof and a statue of Kun Iam an elegant terrace with marble columns.

The monks live in an adjacent building.
When not busy with prayers, they have a large vegetable garden and operate a vegetarian restaurant where some of the products are prepared.

Whether vegetarian or not, visitors will enjoy this coffee, where the freshness of the ingredients is matched by the imaginative preparation and variety of dishes.




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