Shi Gandang Temple


Shigandang Temple was originally a stone tablet.

Dedicated to Shi Gandang grandfather, King of Gold Xishan, God of Ziwei, Zhao Marshal (Celestial Tiger tamer), the God of wealth and Kwan Tai, built in 1894, with an area of ​​over 54 square meters and a height six feet.
Situated in the district of San Kio, the Chapel of Shi Gandang took 20 years to be built, in which there are couplets inscribed on stone gate "is the judge of right and wrong, which sets the standard eternal, not only judge others, but also himself, the judge engages in maintaining the happiness and prosperity "

The Temple Shi Gagang in Macau is one of the two temples Shi Gadang World.
Most monuments dedicated to Shi Gandang are simply tables of stone. The other temple Shi Gagang was built in Jinan, however say that the best is in Macau.

There is a small stone carved with the name "Shi Gagang" in the Temple, so this story is longer than the Temple itself.
Firstly, the stone was placed together with the God of the earth at the front gate, only later people built the Temple Shi Gagang.




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