Tam Kung Temple


The Tam Kung Temple (Coloane) was built in 1862, with a roof decorated with porcelain figures, is dedicated to Tam Kung, a Taoist god of seafarers.
Beside his image, the temple contains a model of four meters long of a dragon boat made ​​of a whale, with a crew of men with wooden red robes and yellow hats.

There is also a dramatic mural of a tiger with the club, with big eyes and orange striped, against a background of rocks and twisted pines.

There are two temples dedicated to Tin Hau Coloane Village. The largest, in Largo Tin Hau has at its entrance, a traditional fire, which had to be turned by hand. A short distance outside the Travessa Republic, is a small temple, with some shiny golden sculptures over the entrance and a round door facing the sea.

On the Feast of Tam Kung (eighth day of the lunar month on), there are Chinese opera shows for the public, as well as a parade.




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