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The Lisbon region borders on the north side with the Central Region, on southeast side with the Alentejo region and on the south and west side with the Atlantic ocean.
In the region’s centre is situated the capital of Portugal, Lisboa, and all its huge metropolitan region, filled with highlights and very interesting places to visit, to a better knowledge of the city, the region, the country, the continent and even the world. Region is, in fact, one of the European cities with the major tourist demand, widely known for its special bright light that enchants all the visitors.

This Region is also quite amazing for its lovely Coastline, with famous and diversified Beaches, with excellent communication routes and facilities, as well as a huge restaurant and accommodation offer.
The region has a coast with several highlights of great beauty, several watercourses and big rivers (like the big Tagus river), mountain ranges, agricultural areas and industrial areas, as well as utterly developed cities contrasting with small traditional villages that somehow have remained almost intact with the passage of time, and a large density of residential and suburban areas.

With a variety of monuments and landscapes classified as World Heritage by UNESCO, as well as Natural and Protected Parks, Reserves and Landscapes, this Region has plenty to offer to all its many visitors, that here can follow the steps of history and walk along the passage of time.

When compared to the other Portuguese regions, the Lisbon region is the smallest in dimension, nevertheless it offers a great diversity, that is also characterized by its celebrated Gastronomy. A huge international offer is throughout the region, mainly in Lisboa city centre, with Restaurants and special cuisines for all tastes.
All the same, the traditional cuisine is also presented throughout the Region, with special and fresh seafood and shellfish on the coastline and on the cities nearby the rivers, but also quality products from the fertile soil of the region, such as the goat and sheep cheese (from Azeitão and Sobral de Monte Agraço), as well as the variety of juicy fruit and vegetables from the “Saloia” area. Pastry and confectionery are also a highlight at the table in this region, with several special products like the Sintra’s cheese-cakes (“queijadas“), the nut and egg sweets from Cascais, the “pão-de-ló” (a special kind of light cake with egg cream) from Loures, the “fofos” (a custard cream pastry) from Belas or the famous “Pastéis de Belém”, the egg-custard cream pastries from the Lisbon beautiful old quarter of Belém.

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