Castelo Rodrigo

Figueira de Castelo Rodrigo


On the top of a hill, the small charming village of Castelo Rodrigo dominates the plateau that expands into Spain on the east side and into the deep Douro valley on the north side.
Castelo Rodrigo has a very ancient history, with human occupancy since early times. It was a Vettones hill fort, later occupied by Romans, and there are also some references to Moorish occupancy.
It was the Leon King Fernando II who ordered the population of this territory, back in 1161. With the sign of the Alcanices Treaty in 1297, Castelo Rodrigo gets definitely into Portuguese domain.

The pillory dates from 1508. In 1664 here takes place the famous Castelo Rodrigo Battle, where Portuguese troops commanded by Jacques de Magalhães defeated the Spanish army of Ossuna Duke.

Passage point for the pilgrims on their way to Santiago de Compostela, the legend says the Saint Francis of Assisi stayed overnight on his pilgrimage to the Saint tomb.

Castelo Rodrigo is part of the restricted program of the “Portugal Historical Villages”. The pillory, the palace, the cistern, the church and convent of Santa Maria de Aguiar, are monuments that make of this an unforgettable delightful place.



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