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 On the extreme southwest of the European continent, in the Iberian Peninsula, is located the amazing Portugal, a Country filled with beauty, tradition and charm, with much to see, know and appreciate.

Influenced by the Ocean, and influencing the oceans and the world discoveries, Portugal presents, in the mainland, an extensive coast with 1230km long, in the Azores archipelago with 667km and in the Madeira archipelago with 250km of extension.
It was this wide Ocean that lead to the departure to faraway horizons, to forthcoming richness, to long and epic poetries and to a cultural amalgam that showed “new worlds to the world”.

Since early times that this territory has been keeping the mark and memory of the several people and civilications that here inhabited, and hold usufruct since pre-historical times: since some Celtic tribes, Gallaeci, Lusitians, Cynetes to the Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Suebi, Visigoths and Moors.
After the territory re-conquest to the Moors, is formed the Portucalense County in 868, a kingdom independent of its neighbour, the Kingdom of Léon and Galicia: the basis for the Portuguese nationality were formed.

Portugal is one of the most ancient Countries in Europe, with quite ancient borders, becoming independent in the 12th century, thanks to the first Portuguese king D. Afonso Henriques.

Considered to be a Country with small dimensions, Portugal houses in its limits such distinctive and unique features, with considerable differences in climate, geography, geology, culture, gastronomy, accent, and so much more…

Portugal: a place of unique recesses, with surprises on every corner, delighting all visitors with its wonders and the famous hospitality that can be found even in the biggest and developed towns, where tradition is still preserved and cherished.
From the cold and wet climate in the north to the wet and dry in the south, from the never-ending ocean with its typical coastline fishermen villages to the hidden mountainside small villages, and also the paradisiacal islands of the Madeira and Azores archipelagos with overwhelming landscapes and panoramas… All this and much, much more can be found in charming Portugal.

All this landscape, geographic, agricultural and cultural diversity originates unique features, moulded in the lifestyle of a welcoming people that always knew how to perfectly welcome and delight with its very own charm and history.

An unique gastronomy, with Mediterranean, oceanic, mountain side and international influences.
In Portugal one can find the freshest sea and shell food, mountainside meat, sausagens and smoked ham, cheeses, sweets and pastries, delicious nuts and dried fruits, juicy fruits among many other luscious products such as the fabulous Wines that made Portugal famous worldwide.

Amazing monuments with a privileged place in the International History of Arts, World Heritage Landscapes, the simplicity of a lost small village with much to tell, Natual Parks and Protected Landscapes, unique Fauna and Flora species, a very own Music style: the astonishing Fado, a gastronomic speciality always available on every corner; the certainty of a very own National identity; the scent of the Ocean on the wide Coastline of golden sand beaches; the comforting Sun… And so much more to talk about an endless Country, now graciously unveiled by GetPortugal.
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