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Foz do Douro

(Porto - Gaia)


Foz do Douro, on the western side of Porto, is known for being one of the most expensive and prestige area in the city.
This is a privileged place, where the Douro river finally meets the Atlantic Ocean, providing wonderful landscapes, that are even better with its seaside walk, lovely and cosmopolitan esplanades, Bars and gardens, being a quite lively area during day or night time.
Foz do Douro is one of those places mentioned in several masterpieces from artists all over the centuries, and it is also classified as a Natural Heritage site for its Metamorphic characteristics, being created in 2005 the Foz Geologic Walk, as a way to preserve and promote this Rocky formation set that has a high scientific and pedagogical value.
Worth the visit in this area are the Chapel-lighthouse of São Miguel-o-Anjo, in Cantareira, the Palace and Church in the São João baptista da Foz Fortress and the Main Church.


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