Grutas da Moeda



The Moeda Grottoes are located in S.Mamede, near Fátima, and are open to the public all year round. During the visit an area 350m long and 45m deep can be reached, and the temperature inside the cave is approximately 18°C. The visit is guided and takes about 25 minutes.
The Grottoes were discovered in 1971 by two hunters while chasing a fox. Soon the cave became a tourist attraction; geologists and other technicians were contracted to rigorously maintain the natural features of the cave, including the mountain landscape above ground. The names given to the chambers are very suggestive of the images that each one presents to the visitor: Nativity Scene, Shepherd, Cascade, Virgin, Red grottoes are formed by erosion and corrosion, containing crystals, and the predominant rock is limestone. Studies confirm that it dates back to the middle Jurassic period.
In the exterior of the Park there are also some facilities available, such as a picnic park surrounded by the forest, a cafeteria, toilets and a shop.

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