São Sebastião Church ( São Miguel Island )

Ponta Delgada - Ponta Delgada ( Açores )


The beautiful and magnificent São Sebastião Church, also known as Mother Church of Ponta Delgada, is situated in the centre of the lovely capital of the Sao Miguel Island and of the amazing Azores Archipelago.
On the place where once a small chapel in honour to São Sebastian once existed, the construction of the present building started in 1531 and was finished in 1547. The church was built with the population effort, after a promise made to the protector of the diseased, asking for a miracle that could end a devastating plague that harmed the town between 1523 and 1531.

The São Sebastião Church presents a lovely façade in a Manueline style, where are present the Royal coat of arms and the shield with the Martyr’s arrows. The Church had some alterations during the 18th century, assuming new Baroque elements, as one can observe in the two portals that surround the central one, four windows and an eyed window.
The interior is quite rich in golden carved wood and several local woods, also possessing a rich collection of liturgical objects with gold embroidery.

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