Madeira Botanical Garden

Ilha da Madeira, Funchal - Funchal


The beautiful Madeira Botanical Garden is situated on a wonderful slope of the natural amphitheatre that surrounds charming Funchal town. It is located in the Quinta do Bom Sucesso, at about 4km distance from Funchal centre, occupying an area of about 80.000 square meters.

The need and wish for a Botanical Garden in the wonderful Island of Madeira, often named as the “pearl” or “garden of the Atlantic”, came from centuries before, yet became true only in the 1960’s, in the ancient property of the powerful Reid’s family.

The Madeira Island with its excellent Atlantic location and its mild and humid weather, combined perfect conditions to house some of the most varied and exotic species of flora.

The Garden presents six distinct areas: the Arboretum, with a collection of trees and shrubs from various parts of the world: the Aromatic and Medicinal Plants; the Indigenous Plants with a collection of indigenous plants of the Madeira Archipelago with various endemic examples of rare and endangered species; the Succulent Plants, known for its capacity for water storage; the Agricultural Plants, with a collection of plants used in alimentation habits and also industry with more emphasis on tropical and subtropical fruit trees; a vast collection of several species of Palm Trees.

This is a privileged space for contact with amazing nature, different kinds of species, science, education and culture.
The Garden’s landscapes and the amazing surroundings are breathtaking, in an idyllic ambiance that deserves to be known.

Next to the Botanical Garden is also situated the 'Exotic Bird Park' (“Loiro Parque”), dedicated to exotic birds, with a collection of around 300 mainly tropical birds such as Blue and Yellow Macaw, Cockatoo, Parrots and Lory, among many others. The general admittance ticket of the botanical Garden is also valid for the Exotic Bird Park.

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