Located in the centre of Portugal, the Lousã village had its origin probably in the Muslim occupation period.
There are several vestiges dating from the Roman occupancy period all over the region.
The Lousã Mountain Range has an extension of 4.200 hectares, with its higher point at about 1202 meters in Alto do Trevim. This is a schist area, where European Holly, Bay Laurel, Cork Oak and Holm Oak are abundant. The Lousã mountain range is also quite famous for the good conditions for the practice of extreme sports.
In Lousã village there are several manor houses, many dating from the 18th century, like the Salazares House, or the Viscondessa de Espinhal House, or the Magalhães Mexias or even the Rua Nova House. Also quite interesting are the Churches (Matriz and Misericórdia), as well as the temples that form the Nossa Senhora da Piedade Sanctuary.
In the lousã surroundings there are several small rural villages, with houses built with schist (Candal, Casal Novo, Cerdeira, Chiqueiro and Talasnal) and also small typical rural villages (Catarredor, Vaqueirinho and Franco) that are worth the visit.

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