Mosteiros - Ponta Delgada ( Açores )


Mosteiros is a picturesque small village in the lovely Ponta Delgada department, situated on the amazing northeast coast, Azores Archipelago.

This is a village with a big connection and relation with the ocean, with an ancient fishing tradition, but also agricultural, taking advantage of the fertile soils of the São Miguel Island.
The picturesque fishing dock, as well as the natural swimming pools, known as Poço da Pedra (“stone well”) are the main highlights of this charming small village that during summer months is quite looked for due to its pleasant beaches of dark sand, landscapes and also for the therapeutic properties of its seaweeds and waters.
Mosteiros is proud of its natural, rural, cultural and architectonic heritage, with monuments such as the 1837 Mother Church or the lovely São Lázaro Chapel.



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