Angra Museum

9700-875 Angra do Heroísmo - Angra do Heroísmo


The interesting Angra Museum is located on the historical São Francisco Convent, right in the centre of this amazing town classified as World Heritage by UNESCO, and capital of the wonderful Terceira Island, Azores Archipelago.

The Angra Museum approaches the history of the town and of the Island, its influence in the markets and in the Atlantic Ocean domain, and its very own insular culture.
Created in 1949, installed in the lovely Bettencourt Palace, and later transferred to the São Francisco Convent in 1969, the Museum has been given several restoration and conservation works and was re-opened in 1997.

The Museum’s collection is quite diversified and rich, with military, artistic, technical and ethnographic sets.
The Permanent Exhibition makes a syntheses of the Azores history and of this World Heritage town, its relations with the world within the Portuguese and the Atlantic Ocean context.

The museum presents several nucleus, among them the Boa nova and Holy Spirit Chapels, the Rua de São Pedro Empire, the Fort in Brasil Mount and the São Pedro dos Biscoitos Fort.

It also provides a Documentation Centre, an Auditorium, Bar and Shop, among other rooms, and a very interesting Pedagogical Service that organizes several activities, workshops and assistance for students.

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