Paredes is a lovely town located in the greenish Vale do Sousa (Sousa’s Valley) region, in the North of the Country, on a place of great natural beauty and fertile soils, known for the large production of the famous Green Wines.

Already in the 12th the richness of these soils was recognized. Paredes has maintained up until nowadays a charming rural ambiance which combines tradition, knowledge and fascinating panoramas. Nevertheless, it was as from the 18th century that Paredes developed, mostly due to the wine production increase.

Due to its great Heritage and Natural value in the region, most of the Paredes region integrates nowadays the interesting Vale do Sousa Romanesque Route and also the Green Wine Route, allowing all visitors the chance to better known the charming rural ambiance that the region provides.

Paredes is proud of its heritage, offering monuments such as the Mother Church, the Pillory, the Calvário, São José and Senhora da Guia Chapels, or even the many Manor Houses which show off the richness that these soils have presented, especially with the wine-growing industry, as one can confirm with the Estrabuela House or the Granja Palace that houses nowadays the Municipal Culture House.

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