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Pinhel is situated in an extremely beautiful region, in the Côa River area, with several water courses, on the northern side of the Estrela mountain range, surrounded by the Marofa mountain range.
Due to its proximity with the Spanish border, Pinhel was an important strategic and defensive point, specially during the Middle Age. All this area nearby Pinhel was, in fact, quite important for the Portuguese strategic defence, along with the Trancoso, Marialva, Guarda, Castelo Rodrigo, Almeida and Castelo Mendo Castles.
Therefore, the Castle of Pinhel is one of the main monuments worth to be known in the town, but also the Gothic Santa Maria do Castelo Church (14th century), the Misericórdia Church (16th century), the São Luís Church and Convent (16th century) or the Santo António Convent.
Other monuments enrich Pinhel, such as the elegant Paço Episcopal from the 18th century or, nearby, in Soupires, the Solar dos Távoras.
Pinhel is provided with several green areas, such as the Trincheira Park, the Praça Sacadura Cabral and the Largo D. Cristóvão de Almeida Soares.
Nearby Pinhel is located a small medieval village named Bogalhal Velho, situated amongst a beautiful natural landscape.
In the northern part of the Pinhel municipality is located the Archaeological Park of Côa Valley, classified by UNESCO as World Heritage, with its prehistoric art and gorgeous landscapes.
Gastronomy is also quite important in this region, specially the sausages and smoked ham, the Lamb, the Codfish and small game dishes. All at the table with the good quality wine of this special region.

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